with a url like that, how could I not follow?? :)

oh gosh thank you!!!! we quite agree ;)))


female character memefemale characters on a show that passes the bechdel test an excuse to gif the ladies of firefly

river, kaylee, inara & zoe (firefly)

If I had friends like you in high school… Well, I probably would’ve still dropped out, but I would feel bad about it, y’know?

This is me. It doesn’t all have to be ‘good’ and ‘fine’. This is the room where you don’t have to be brave. I still love you.


favourite character meme 
two tropes team mom: basically acts as the mother figure for everyone else in the group, regardless of age or family relations.

I   didn’t   want   to   leave   her    a l o n e.

You don’t know me. Not anymore. Five years of pain and suffering in a hell dimension’ll make a girl capable of a lot of things.